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6 indoor activities to fight anxiety


Several self-help strategies can be combined with medication to treat or alleviate the symptoms of schizophrenia. In certain countries such as the UK, treating the illness mostly focuses on medication in conjuncture with therapies. But research evidence shows that exercise can help to improve the physical as well as the mental and psychological well-being of the schizophrenia patient.

The goal of our article today is to know what indoor exercises a schizophrenia patient can indulge in to help him/her fight and alleviate anxiety.

The research titled, “Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Improving Symptoms of Individuals with Schizophrenia: A Single Blinded Randomized Control Study” shows that although the effects of exercise on the symptoms of Schizophrenia patients under antipsychotic treatment are inconclusive, Aerobic Exercise (AE) can improve the severities of symptoms on the negative and general psychopathology scales in individuals with schizophrenia being treated with antipsychotics. source

Fighting anxiety and stress can be done in numerous ways. One can choose to keep a journal, talk to a friend, meditate, or even exercise. Here are some indoor exercises to try out to help fight anxiety.

1. Deep Breathing

This is a vital exercise. It helps you stay calm while also preventing the onset of panic attacks. Being stressed out can cause us to take fast, shallow breaths or even in some cases, hold our breath for too long thus making us dizzy. Deep breathing can help in soothing your nervous system, increase brain functioning and also help you to get some quality sleep as required.

2. Yoga

Yoga is said to be one of the best methods to combat stress. This exercise engages both your mind and body and involves a lot of controlled breathing and relaxation. Yoga helps with de-stressing the mind while also reducing tension in our neck, shoulders, back, and other places that can get tense from time to time. Meditation can be part of yoga as well to assist with combatting anxiety.

3. Pilates

Pilates is another form of exercise that focuses on your breathing. This form of exercise is a great stress management technique and gives you peace of mind and body. Pilates helps focus your concentration on handling stress thus helping you fight off any feelings of anxiety.

4. Light Aerobics

These types of exercises help in boosting your heart rate, increasing your body temperature as well as soothe any symptoms of anxiety you may be experiencing. The brain responds to physical stimulation by releasing endorphins to help trigger a positive mood change. High levels of serotonin also help with easing depression. By being happy, you will eventually be calm and less anxious. Follow a light aerobics routine while indoors to help you focus on something good.

5. Kickboxing

If you feel the sudden urge to punch something, then kickboxing is the right way to go. This is a good mechanism for releasing stress and aggravation of any kind. It is also a great source of cardio exercise as it helps work multiple muscles in your body. This will leave you feeling stronger both mentally and physically and leave you with no time to feel anxious.

6. Visualization

This is another powerful method of fighting anxiety. It is as easy as taking some time out in the day to sit and visualize yourself in a calm and serene environment where nothing can vex you. Use your imagination to calm yourself. This type of exercise helps soothe the body and mind. Feel present in your visualized environment and end up rejuvenated. Close your eyes and picture yourself at the beach, watching the sunset and the waves crashing against each other and breathe deeply.


Exercise is a good way to fight off anxiety as it helps keep you distracted while reducing the stress hormone levels in your body. By making this a daily habit, you can easily ward off anxiety.

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