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Exercises that require no equipment

As we grow older, our bodies demand more from us physically. Whether it's strength training to keep our muscles healthy or cardio to help reduce heart risks, there's no shortage of ways to keep ourselves active and improve our health. But sometimes, even the most strenuous exercise can be too much for us. In these cases, using equipment can be a lifesaver - from balance balls that help with balance training, to resistance bands that work every muscle in your body.

Standing Calf Raises

Many exercises can be done without any equipment, but the standing calf raise is one of the most common. This exercise requires both feet to be placed shoulder-width apart on a sturdy surface, such as a bench or step. The exerciser then lifts their heel off the ground and raises it towards their buttocks as high as possible before lowering it back to the starting position.

Plank Jumps

Plank jumps are a great exercise that requires no equipment. To do a plank jump, start by lying down on your back with your feet flat on the ground. Then lift your hips and chest off the ground, and hold this position for two seconds. After two seconds, slowly lower yourself back to the ground.

Squats with Chest-to-Bar Push-ups

There is no need for any equipment when performing squats with chest-to-bar push-ups. Keep your back straight and your abs pulled in, and let the weight down through your heels. This will engage your glutes, quads, and core muscles.

Lunge Sprawls

The lunge sprawl is a great exercise for your core and leg muscles, but it can be done without any equipment. Simply stand with your feet hip-width apart, evenly distribute your weight between both feet, and lean forward from the hips until your torso and legs are parallel to the ground. Now extend your arms out to the sides and hold on to something for balance. After a few breaths, slowly return to the starting position.

Handstand Push-ups

Push-ups don’t require any equipment, making them an ideal exercise for beginner exercisers. Beginners can easily increase the difficulty of their push-ups by adding weights to their hands.

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